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Doggies Day Off will be a private or semi-private dog walking park that is geared to what your dog’s idea would be for a day off from the human world where they conform and share with us. To coin a phrase “A Disney Land for Dogs” that will be set-up as a stress free place for your dog to just be a dog, and while on the property they will have free rein without worry of encountering unplanned distractions. This environment will also be a safe place for an owner or trainer that may have a dog reactive dog, and who wants to work training without worry of encountering triggers.

Doggies Day Off will become a destination for dog owners to truly have a dog friendly vacation and maybe even go home with one of our t-shirts “My Dog Had A Better Time In Myrtle Beach Than I Did”.

Locals can become members and get big discounts on weekly or monthly passes to enjoy the multiple trails through the beautiful country environment of South Carolina. They will have the opportunity to drop-off or participate in day camp. There will also be exclusive options for boarding dogs at the park while their owners do their own vacationing.

Vacationers can come and stay on the property enjoy walks with their dog and relax with them at the lodge by the lake or leave their dog with our “park rangers” while they enjoy the pleasures of Myrtle Beach. Doggies Day Off will be a higher end exclusive vacation and retreat destination with a cost that is not much more than the cost of leaving the dog behind in a boarding facility. As for the vacationer that is staying on the beach at a dog friendly hotel our shuttle service for day camp will give them the opportunity to enjoy the beach while their dog explores the woods giving the whole family the best of both worlds.

Our mission is to bring a revolutionary type of dog park and retreat which caters to what the dog actually wants while promoting the behavior owners want. The results have proved it’s viability over the years and has only just begun to help people gain a new insight into the behavior of their dogs. This insight leads to a better life and relationship between the dogs and their owners who may just learn something about themselves in the process.

The video below is a breakdown of the three phase development plan.
This financing is for phase one.

Chow Ln, Conway, South Carolina Land Comp 12/11/21 

Estimated value of Chow property is based off of 10 comps of properties sold within 5 miles of Chow Lane that have sold in the last 10 months. $31,600/acre = 10.87 acres x $31,600 = $348,000. We are using $25,000/acre = $272,000 + $7000 improvement to the property (culvert and land clearing) to total $279,000

The video below is a price comparison based on the other lots sold in the same track of seven lots.

Below is the price comparison based on the other lots sold in the last 10 months and are within 5 miles. Please note that only one of the lots has pond frontage.

Below is an update to the estimate of phase one after more comp information.

2021 Loan History 

  • Offer accepted on
  • Met with Terri at Anderson Brothers Bank
  • Commercial loan is the best way to go
  • Term loan is a better solution then construction loan but either would work
  • It would be better to pay cash for the property if we are going for a term loan
  • Condition of the loan was to first pay off all out standing charges and truck loan
  • Need to get to $250,000 assessment to secure $200,000 term loan
  • Purchased the property
  • Got permits for two culverts to gain access to property
  • Filed paperwork for water and sewer
  • Had Electric company approve plan for running electricity
  • Paid for 14′ x 40′ modular building
  • Met with electrician to put temporary power pole in place
  • Electrician warned that some of the things I was purchasing may not add to assessment
  • Contacted an assessor was advised that the property might meet the target of of $250,000 on its own – but conceded he was not a “bank” assessor
  • Contacted numerous contractors to get construction estimate, no contact after first contact
  • Terri asked if I could ball park the estimate
  • After I estimated the cost would I be stuck with that estimate or would the bank assessment be final word I was advised that the lower of the two would be final estimate
  • Reached out to a couple of contractors to look at my estimate, revised it and then submitted
  • Miss communication on amount of loan changed to $250,000 instead of pre-approved amount of $200,000  lock Terri out of using her discretion when it moved to underwriter
  • Commercial loans of 20 years now only 15 years pushed the payments up $300/month
  • Terri contacted underwriter Monday from airport to see what could be done
  • Underwriter was only counting $4000 on the lease because it was only in place for two months last year and did not reflect $24,000 on last years taxes
  • I will be on the loan and my daughter will be leasing the property and this is not reflected because we thought we were pre-approved
  • Working on new schedule C for next year
  • Brenda’s pay stub is a little complex  and there maybe some more income there
  • Brenda does not have to contribute to her 401k which is  $400 more a month
  • On the worksheet updated Brenda’s income is up $27,000, we are missing $20,000 from lease, expenses are down -$912,00/month and net worth is up $314,000
  • There is more to go over but the above should catch you up to date


Amanda: Founder of Doggies Day Off

Amanda is a Natural Dog Training practitioner. Seven years ago she rescued her first dog Alphonso, a German Shepherd Akita. Like most owners who work a full time job, she researched local dog daycares and enrolled him at six months old. After two months of going to daycare Alphonso developed severe human aggression, partially due to the daycare facility improperly using an electric shock collar without her knowledge. Fortunately, her strong passion to help dogs gave her the courage to continue working with her now fearfully reactive and aggressive companion.

In 2014 she read Kevin Behan’s book Your Dog Is Your Mirror (recommended by her trainer, Rising Canine Dog Training) and his unique training model changed her and Alphonso’s life forever. Since that time she trained under Kevin and his apprentices, using their mentorship to learn the art of building true rapport with any dog. Not only did Natural Dog Training provide the understanding of canine behavior needed to reach the root cause of Alphonso’s aggressive behavior, it inspired Amanda to leave her 10 year career in 2018 and pursue her dream of helping dogs and their owners full time. This year she has moved to Myrtle Beach to start Doggies Day Off, bringing more awareness and accessibility to this amazing understanding of our canine companions and provide an environment which nurtures our bond.

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