Standing as an alternative to doggie day cares, boarding facilities and dog parks, Doggies Day Off provides a fun and engaging environment tailored to giving your best friend the feel good experience they deserve while promoting the behavior YOU WANT.

Coming Soon to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!!

The trials are specifically designed to provide a fun and functional walk and the facilities are engineered to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for any dogs staying on site.

Location, Location, Location

Answer Your Dogs Call

It’s time to Take the Edge Off Domestication and Find Your Dogs Wild Side!!

Coming Attractions

With over 24 acres of specially designed trails there is an adventure around every corner!!

State of the Canine Art Facility

From Bunny Trails & Bubble Baths to Black Diamonds & Bonfires, Every inch of our 24 acre facility is designed to give them the Doggies Day Off they crave!!

Exclusive Access to private trails

Wether they are a lone wolf or at one with the pack, your dog can feel safe to be themselves. This is one of the main features that sets Doggies Day Off ahead of the rest!!

In-Game Learning for your dog

Because we are experts in canine behavior we hack your dogs evolutionary hunting drive to promote all the behaviors you want at home. See the difference after just one day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this park just for my dog or can I play too?

The park is designed to give your doggie what it really wants and we just happen to know what a doggie really want is to have fun with their human. So not only do we encourage your participation, we highly recommend it!!

Of course we know you wont always be able to have the day off with your doggie and we are happy to make sure they have a good time even in your absence.

It’s my first time, how do I get the most out of Doggies Day Off?

For your first time at the park you will get a guided tour from one of our park rangers. During the tour our ranger will be able to give you advice on how to utilize the park attractions specifically for your doggie so you both can get the most fun out of the day

I’m a owner or trainer working with a reactive dog who just wants to have fun without distractions, how do you ensure trail privacy?

Along with requiring a pass to use the park’s trails we also use an electronic trail reservation system to make sure you have a worry free fun time. With over 24 acres of trails there is enough fun to go around.

Can I bring more than one dog on a trail at a time?

Wether its a multiple doggie household or just a pack of doggie friends, as long as each doggie has a pass, we can provide the option of group reservations.

The Doggies Day Off Advantage

Doggies Day Off not only caters to owners who simply what a place to go where their dog can just be a dog, it allows them the ability to work on their dogs obedience and socialization in a controlled environment.

Fear is the Root of Reactive Agression

If you have ever been on a popular dog hiking trail you may have noticed that doggie social distancing was a thing long before the current pandemic.

Dog reactivity is an ever increasing dilemma which plagues many current dog owners and the trend is slated to only get worse.

Private trails allow owners and trainers the freedom to let their dog to just be a dog without the fear of unwanted triggers and distractions. We believe this is important to stoping this reactivity cycle by creating an environment which promotes safe and effective behavior modification.

The Lodge

Resort and Spa

After a fun time on the trails your doggie deserves to be treated. . .Wether it’s to a maxing and relaxing visit to our spa or to a wind down by the fire with a good bone, we know they will go home feeling fulfilled!!

Pampering with Purpose

Stiff muscles actually play a huge roll in how socially mannered your dog can be. Holding tension in their body hinders your dog from staying loose and playful

Stress-Less Grooming

The best part about knowing how to get the grooming experience right is that it goes beyond Doggies Day Off! Our clients see lasting results with their normal groomers commenting on how much their doggies behavior has improved.


Take your dog with you and give them their own adventure park memories. By offering alternative boarding options that clients value, we can make your next vacation to Myrtle Beach one for the whole pack!!

Community Outreach is Important to Us!

Adopt-A-Day Off Program

We promote local shelter dogs for sponsorship so that they can take advantage of having a day off from the shelter environment as well as train shelter staff on how to help problem behavior dogs find new effective outlets for their energy and anxiety stopping the cycle of surrender.

Free Kids Workshops

Our kids workshop includes games and activities that help relate how to better read a dogs body language and how to best engage with dogs, especially ones they don’t know! Demo dogs would also be available to provide more engaging instruction.

Our Story

These two rescues are the inspiration behind Doggies Day Off. Both had behavioral issues which resulted in them being labeled as in adoptable.

Until they found the one girl who was just as determined and steadfast as they were.

Amanda Matoske, Canine Behaviorist & Co-Founder of Doggies Day Off

Amanda was born with a passion to help dogs. It’s no surprise to anyone who knew her growing up as, The 5 year old dragging around a giant veterinary textbook, that she would end up using her drive to better understand their true nature.

Amanda found her calling in two rescue dogs. Alphonso , an all black German shepherd akita  and Bailey, a black lab hound mix. Both had behavioral problems that would prove to be difficult but her determination to see them through was steadfast

Grateful for having found the gateway method to achieving the connection she sought through her mentor Kevin Behan (a 40 year veteran behaviorist and trainer) Amanda was able to help her rescue dogs and has studied Natural Dog Training for over 6 years.

It has been a life altering adventure for Amanda, One that has brought both change and growth. She is now starting her next mission, creating a franchise model based off what she has learned in order to bring owners more accessibility to Natural Dog Training.

Our Purpose

Kevin Behan spent his entire life learning from dogs and over half of it passing on his wisdom to those who sought answers. Kevin’s father was one of the first American dog trainers to commercialize training that was usually reserved for working dogs. This environment granted Kevin the experience needed to breakthrough outdated and ineffective training models. The perspective he has provided into canine behavior is truly life changing, beyond the scope of dogs to the core of animal behavior itself. I am simply grateful I was able to know and learn from him. – Amanda Co-Founder of Doggies Day Off